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"Kafr Nahum." Curse of chaos and sins


"And you, Capernaum, will rise up to heaven to the abyss" (Lk 15:10).
Seemingly, the director of the Lebanese Nadine Labaki decided to work on all the problems of the world when he decided to work on a realistic movie that is different from his previous works. Many issues have been raised not only in Lebanon but also internationally. Marriage for minors, trafficking in human beings, illegal children, trafficking and narcotic staging. All these crises and misunderstandings were gathered around burning bars of triumphant triumph, hunger, poverty and ignorance, to reach the viewer "Kfar Nahum".

For those who do not know it, "Nahum" is the region of Christ that deserves to preach most people. He was banned from chaos, battles, bloodshed, and sins.

Without a personality "Zain." He begins his parents and hands without his interrogation
His film opens with a philosophical scene and inspires a beautiful son of a wealthy family. If he puts his dirt and impurities on his face, he learns through the director of unfair-mindedness, among other people like "Zain", the Ethiopian maid who shelters Rachel. It is the only right to live in a fun playground. As a clever, he is considered a son of Yunus. Most people with different ages have their safety.
The film focuses on the lives of the poor, who only awakens the family of his drunken husband and is not a mother who does not notice the seriousness of her childhood behavior. He is the eldest son of six brothers, Sarah, who is 11 years old. Fallen family There is also a "cheerful" merchant who markets their parents as a wedding, after a few days of puberty. It was a rebellion against the family against the whole life and life.
Labaki has highlighted the compassion and responsibility of living in the family's life, which cares for his brothers and sisters, who is walking and walking in a newly-educated girl, whose mother's families had to bind the strings of hard metal and He did not move and should go. In her bed, she finds blood stains and concludes that her younger sister has come to a month to make her clothes a "health cover" for protecting her blood and then she will report her new marriage. Decoration colors The girl child is on the face.

Refugees imprisoned by angels
"The neighbors began to weep as they played in the boxes of their baths" (Nahum 2: 7)
Unlike the poor, many poor ratins are bullet for a government that suffers from salvation prophecy. Many children are born without the need for poor children while governments try to fix their mistakes. A beautiful and civilized lawyer who defends the right of the child shows up with a smiling face and a smile in the sky. Soldiers like soldiers talk about humor and humans, so they can communicate with a television program. The tragedy of a large, poor and anonymous segment that has been excluded from the prisons; Encourage the spirit of the police evangelization campaign and hope to dance and sing the hearts of those who do not have hope for salvation with religious songs. The excuse to work with citizens at home for service with prisoners does not require identity or work permit by employers about them, because the maid is ignorant of the severity of the faces of the streets of the city below.

New forms of drug smuggling
In the 1960s and 1970s, Egyptian films depicted trafficking in drug trafficking, some of which were obsolete, such as pigeons or pigeons, passage of airport inspection equipment, or even apparent primitive boundaries from the desert to underground borders. Egyptian and Lebanese film cooperation has shown more attractive smuggling than the non-specialized public, Mirjan Bou Chaia in "Kater Kheir" invented a new drug smuggling method that was not revealed by airport surveillance devices. They will not be exposed to the light of the inspection machine. Thus, they live in a land that relinquishes the Lebanese family, the poor and the marginalized, and their mothers help children to water the tramadol grains to liquidate clothes and then dry them for the next people and then sour juices. to drown them. It would be for him if his mother did not go to the pharmacy of his children, he would recommend the use of prescription medication for prohibited medication to use extreme bone fractures.

The misery that did not ease his personality was Man Cockroaches
Films may have caused tragedy, and they were Elegyore or others. With regard to Sartre, the innocent children and the ignorant parents of children, the film can weep, but you do not have the scene that tears your tears and this will have an impact. He wanted to present an interview break with a group called "Cockroach Man", such as Marvel's heroes, but this cockroach gave Amthá a wizard-like look. Charlie Chaplin and Najib al-Rihani raise the child and he feels happy for a moment and then begins without end, when the Savior tries to imagine the role that Taca removes. The scene seems naive and lacking in detail, because the director does not have the relevance tracking or the scene is enough. The humorous element puts it in a miserable movie called "Torah's book", which shows the ruin that Nahum called the town.

It is the escapade of the marriage of minors
"And your daughters will take tires, chefs, and bakers" (Samuel 13: 8)
The film that made up the four films made up of Khaled Mezner, was faint and without a rhythm. It can not be remembered or separated from the movie. Michel Kesrouani was the first screenwriter of the film, Jihad. (Hla Lewin-Caramel), George Khabaz, actor, director and director of the theater, and, of course, under the leadership and direction of Nadine Labaki.
In addition to the previous numbers of previous catastrophes, he must be a Nile wife who sacrifices himself and hurts to save his family. This is what Zain family has done through the sale of her daughter's wealth, and has been able to claim a family living under a thousand kilometers of poverty. The king said: "What are you saying?" This woman said to me: "Hate your son, eat it today, and then we will eat my son tomorrow." (Kings 2: 6)
Poverty When the child escaped and her sister Sahar was killed by her child, she was looking for food for the painful offspring, that is, her brother and her baby's milk for the younger brother, and sisters, in their parents' stores, This is his mother Souad , whose merchandise stores repeats according to what Soso shows past glances. Likewise, it is called "Astro", which is responsible for the largest amount of forging identities identities that can be accessed to Lebanon. His mother's baby is ethical And the prophet Rachel / Yordanos Shiviro.
We can not deny the aesthetics of the film, through consistent photos or gestures or consistent colors and events of different scenes, the color of gray poverty touches the earth's dust, while blue appears in the children's scenes of Yunus's childhood death. One of the most prominent examples is Zain daughter or Zain al-Rifa, a refined Syrian tale who overcame the camera, and many of the professional actors who acted in the international cinema scene with the highest honesty and spontaneity. published in the film scene categorized as a "offensive" film of M and Lebanon, and categorized as "offensive" at the bottom of society, and the differences between the views of the places where civilizations and cleanings are shown, however, the main demand is that this international award is characterized by pain and suffering as a film for much extra realism. .

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