Friday , July 1 2022

King Farou's departure from the depositor in 21 rounds


The Egyptian singer Mohamed Mundi, known as "The Legendary Seas," recently called the 95-year-old Egyptian history after teaching national and national heroism to teach literature and theater.

Mundie worked in Naval Training Center in 1938 and was taken to the Navy in 1940. After that, he spent 50 years in the Egyptian Navy, 10 years at the Port Authority and 13 years at the Alexandrian Sea Scout Club.

According to the website "Masrawy", Mendy's patriotism was a strong national and national representation. He had to face the occupation of the English of Egypt, where he carried out several operations. The mechanism was able to swim in English units and concentrations.

Friendship between the same Mandi and Saleh Morsi writer over 60 years of age gathered at the time of the Army's first work and was one of the most important stations that were held at that time, when the President Anwar Sadat embarked on it, when shot by Mandy's 21 shots. To Farouk to say goodbye to the pilgrimage on Mahrousa aboard, together with the peace ceremony from Italy,

The King then said: "God will help you with your difficult work."

In 1952, he was taken over by writer Mendy Saleh Morsi, who sent history to the memory of his heroes. For 10 years he was amazed at the novel "The Sea Mundi". Mursi demonstrated the creative ability to mark the incident. Mendy was a real story.

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