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«Language studies» is ranked first in Saudi Arabia in the ranking «Arsif»

He has exceeded 4,000 referees

Revista de Estudios Lingüísticos, Reial Faisal Centro de Investigación e Estudios Islámicos, was published for the first time in the literature of the Arab world in 2018. For this reason, it became the first scientific journal of Saudi Arabia to receive this distinction internationally.

The Journal of Linguistic Studies won first place, which exceeded over 4000 specialized Arab scientists, according to the Arab and "Arsif" rankings, according to international academic standards, is the first measure of Arab academics and passed the journals of all the language associations. Universities in all Arab countries.

Dr. Turki Bin Suho Al Otaibi, the chief editor of the journal, expressed pride and pride, was keen to apply the highest standards of publication and scientific arbitrage to win this situation.

Al-Otaibik, President of King Faisal Foundation, Prince Turki Al Faisal, King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies, King Faisal Center Secretary General, and Dr. Saud Al-Sarhan estimated the support and encouragement of the first magazine by Prince Khalid Al Faisal . Yahya Junaid.

Al-Otaibi said that this achievement has been supported by the King Faisal Center since the ongoing work of the journal has been going on for more than thirty years. The center has made a great effort to enable the magazine to overcome difficulties and difficulties in fulfilling its mission.

The Director General of Linguistic Studies in Repertory ordered success in many of the UK's achievements and, in 2030, is part of the repertoire of the United Kingdom, in the developed countries.

Journal of Linguistic Studies is a scientific journal that publishes research on grammar, linguistics and presentations. Three months are published for three months, Arab Arab and Arab countries specialists in language education and arts. Volume I, about 400 pages, including a collection of scientific research specialized in journalism (grammar, morphology, presentations and linguistics).

The impact of academic or research research is a factor in the relative importance of scientific journals and their relative importance in their field. As far as new research is concerned, it is referred to in a certain period of time as regards research published prior to these journals.

More than 4,000 scientific disciplines and research titles published in the Arabs, English, French or Plurinational languages ​​have been collected and investigated in more than 1400 scientific and research scientists in the Arab countries, except for Djibouti and Comoros; Due to the lack of data and 362 scientific journals in the influence coefficient parameters and the "Arsif" Arab quota in 2018.

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