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Last days of the day: Deputy Minister of Culture of Yemen: Art can deal with any extreme thinking

Egypt – Latest News Today: Deputy Minister of Culture of Yemengo: Arts are capable of dealing with any extreme thinking

"The Arab region faces conspiracies and serious risks," said Abdullah Bakkada, Deputy Minister of Culture of Yemen. Culture and art are a solid foundation for human development and are able to cope with abnormal or extreme thinking.

During the conference organized by the International Book Fair in Cairo, "Bakruna participated in the 50th" Culture and Peace of Arts ", Bakdada attended Badr Al Salhi, Deputy Chief of the Ministry of Culture of Yemis, Dr. Wissam Basendoh, Yemeni legal rights and political freedom and Nabil Abdulhafeez, the Moroccan writer of Yemen and Wafaa Sandi of the Human Rights Ministry. The seminar was chaired by Dr. Aisha Al Awlaki, the Cultural Constable of the Yemengo Embassy in Cairo.

"It has to be turned into the spirit of society and the spirit of society is represented in culture and art. Culture and art has been a significant drop in the Arab region, in general, in recent years," he said. .

"Unfortunately, Arab communities have come up with a pretext for renewing the religious discourse, they have invaded us intellectually, and we take everything from the west to a negative, without research or analysis, as imagination continues to dominate the Western world because it has built its civilization.

On the other hand, Dr. Aisha Al Awlaki, cultural councilor at the Yemengo Embassy in Cairo, expressed his gratitude at the International Book Fair in Cairo with the ongoing participation of his country. The beneficiary of the organization and Dr. Inas Abdelayem, Culture Minister, strove.

"Egypt is a shine and heart of Arab, and today we will be able to talk about what Yemen has created today's conditions. Culture and art are a human enhancement, therefore, our initiative, culture and art for peace."

Meanwhile, Badr al-Salhi, Deputy Chancellor of Yemeni Cream, said the long-standing civilization, and that Arabs, in general, and particularly difficult situations in Yemen, develop a culture of peace, and we all know that we live in the time of technological and cultural war Which calls for community, family and government to unite radical and radical thinking of young people.

"I think that culture and art are of great importance to the dangers of the Arab peoples, and the title of this symposium has become a national project that I proposed to the Iranian Minister of Culture."

Al-Salhi stressed the importance of the cultural warfare more dangerous than war-wars, educating young people and educating victims of extremism and terrorism from generation to generation over the next generation in generations.

On the other hand, Nabil Abdulhafeez, secretariat of the Ministry of Human Rights, says that the spirit of culture is human rights. "We need people to come to know. We need to be very important. At the end of the World War, more than 60 million people have died in the world." We have launched a number of youth initiatives to establish the value of peace for all youth, women and society, and women are in the field of terrorism, to bring the banner ".

"Many believe they are busy with Yemen's war and bombing, our Cairo embassy is keen to remind culture and arts of peace," said Wissam Basandouh, a writer and expert Yemeni lawmaker.

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