Sunday , June 13 2021

Mahboubi reminds the memories of the 1990's of the island

Singer Dina Saad started a new song on the Gulf of Mahboubi called "Great Kadi," and was composed by composer Abdul Aziz Al-Abkal Kuwait and Khalid Prism.

"The song reminds memories of the memories of the millennium of the UAE in the late 1990s and decided to set it up in a modern and simple way to reach the new generation," Dina said in the press.

He added: "The song is not my first project, such as" Habib Umak "," La Tannadini "," Ma Maqarad Na "and" Yayn Nami "and Walid Jassim.

Dina Saad, who has been a UAE for many years, is a well-known dynasty of Egyptian art. His father, Ali Saad, is an Egyptian composer and composer. Ali Saad is a national reward, for musical theater, Tantawi, an Egyptian theater and antique drama generations.

Dina studied academically, studied in Egypt and then studied in France, working in the field of voice training in the United Arab Emirates, following the formation of primary Arabic singers like Balqees and Diana Haddad.

He has also participated in the song "Enacid Al Diaa" and "Emirates Beladi" Operetta in the UAE, as well as "Dam Ezzak Yaouten" operetta, as well as numerous national songs and collections. He has also participated in supervising and writing music, official national songs from several countries, and most of them in UAE, national peace bands more than nine times during official ceremonies.

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