Thursday , February 9 2023

NASA announces a major event on Christmas Eve, the collision of an asteroid with Earth’s orbit


NASA has revealed that there is an asteroid called “501647” that has the potential to be larger than the famous Washington Space Needle and plans to fly near Christmas.

On Christmas Day he announced that the asteroid would collide with Earth’s orbit, with the asteroid speeding past the Earth at a speed of 22,300 kilometers per hour.

The giant asteroid will pass our planet safely, but it will collide with Earth’s orbit, and NASA classified Apollo as one of the asteroids, which are objects close to Earth that have a larger axis than the rest of the Earth and thus collide with Earth.

The size of the prospective asteroid is between 90 and 210 meters, making it one of the largest asteroids to pass through Earth in December 2020.

The asteroid, when it reaches its maximum, will be larger than the Space Needle Tower in Washington. It is 184 meters high and was designed for the 1962 World’s Fair.

An asteroid the size of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is expected to collide with Earth’s orbit next week. Asteroid 501647 will pass through Earth on December 25th. In some countries it is known as Christmas.

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