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Nose allergy .. during the spring of Hell

BERLIN – The sensitivity of the nose to the infected lives during the spring, during the season, to open the initial flowers and air pollen spread, suffer from sweating, cold and itching, which usually prevents them in their daily lives.
The German professor Carsten Schmidt Web has explained that the sensitivity of the nose is known as "hay fever", an inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes caused by allergies. This infection can occur due to mites due to pollen or household dust.
Head of the Allergy and Environmental Center, especially the growth of spring pollen, although most of the seasons are almost interrupted. They appear in places and areas, where flowers grow.
Symptoms of allergic rhinitis are nasal nose, blockage, headache, agility, itching, eyes tingling and swelling around the eyes.
Nose sensitivity is a genetic disease. Having a child allergic is a risk, if the parents are infected, but at the same time they do not have allergies unless they are found in a parent.
As German teachers say, the nose may be allergic to any kind, and often sensitivity can be combined with other creatures, such as sensitivity to childhood respiratory tract infections.
As regards the way of detecting allergies, Weber describes several tests on the skin and nose. Allergic reactions of the nose and other allergies are confirmed. Allergies are rare. Polena
Mixed sensitivity
The sensitivity to the pollen often allergens it with similar allergic reactions, called "allergies mixed", because allergic allergies usually have an allergic reaction to apples or carrots.
Typical symptoms are nausea, lips and cough, and swelling or problems in the digestive system, such as colic or vomiting.
The sensitivity of the nose does not limit the quality of life, but it becomes an allergic asthma that is dangerous, so it must be treated before such a change, anti-histamine tablets or nose spray or eye drops.
In the long term, immunotherapy can be used. Patients are injected as allergens, as used by the immune system, to deal with allergies better.
You can also make a few problems with simple procedures, such as cleaning your hair in the afternoon and daytime clothes, the bedroom and the entrance to the pollen, so you can open doors and windows partially. – (AFP)

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