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Oil growth faces resistance to rock production, Economic fear Market debate

LONDON (Reuters) – Oil prices will push further this year in the global economy and concerns about US crude oil, reducing the impacts and penalties on OPEC production in Iran and Venezuela.

An analyst at Julius Baer, ​​Carsten Minke said he had "seen a decline": "he was delayed but not abandoned."

Twenty-nine economists and analysts questioned that the average gross annual Brent price was $ 67.32 in 2019, resulting in a forecast of the previous month's $ 69.13 projection.

Analysts keep their oil prices forecast for the third month.

"Despite the OPEC cuts, growth will be a positive supply and will increase the market surplus and increase sales in 2019," said Edward Belle, an analyst at Emirates NBD.

Brent's third annual year-on-year decline was in 2018 in three years and, from the beginning of 2019, an average generation of $ 60, especially under pressure from some slowdown in economic downturn, increased US and Chinese trade warfare and US productivity growth.

The global petroleum demand grows between 1.1 billion and 1.7 billion euros in 2019, almost 1.4 billion barrels of the International Energy Agency forecasts (bpd), but largely depends on the economy, analysts say.

"The greatest growth in demand will come from China and other Asian countries, but economic growth will be slower, the dynamics of new markets will be much lower last year," said Frank Schleinberger, head of WPB's trade research.

Reuters' polls predict that the US average price was US $ 59.43 in 2019 and expected $ 61.05 in the previous survey.

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