Wednesday , December 8 2021

Pfizer: Our plan is to ensure the safe delivery of our vaccine


According to “Pfizer,” a vaccine that contains part of the DNA or genetic code of the virus must be stored at a temperature of at least 70 to 80 degrees Celsius.

While attending a conference organized by the American newspaper “New York Times”, Burlak said that the time that the “Pfizer” day does not exceed is able to send the vaccine to most regions of the United States.

Burla added that “the demand for our vaccine will be very high, but we are confident that vaccine operations will be very rapid once approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

In his speech, Burla touched on a number of technical and logistical aspects related to ownership, such as the development of Pfizer’s engineers to ship container boxes that provide the temperature needed to maintain the effectiveness of the vaccine. They also have a GPS system and an alarm that warns us if there is a fault in these boxes.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” told Burla: “Each box is capable of holding between one thousand and five thousand doses of the vaccine, and when used it will not be necessary to provide a refrigerator by shipment, which will allow it to be transported by truck, plane and ship.”

As part of Pfizer’s refusal to obtain government funding as part of the “Rapid” plan to speed up production of 20,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine in America by 2021, Burla explained, “I wanted to free our scientists from the bureaucracy that comes with accepting money.” From government agencies. “

The two companies, “Pfizer” and “Biontech,” announced on Monday that the vaccine against Covid-19 being developed is “90% effective” after a preliminary review of the results of the third phase of clinical trials, the last before applying for a license.

The two companies said in a joint statement that the “effectiveness of the vaccine” was measured by the number of participants infected with the emerging coronavirus in the vaccine group and the number of infected people in another group who received the placebo vaccine, compared with seven days and 28 days. . According to “AFP”.

The vaccine produces nucleic acids that stimulate cells in the human body to produce proteins similar to the virus, and these proteins would trigger the human body’s immune response to the Corona virus.

And “Pfizer” has an agreement to sell 100 million doses of its vaccine to the U.S. government, and allows it to buy an additional 500 million doses. The company is also talking about similar agreements with other governments, including the European Union.

The testing protocol allows for relatively quick data analysis, but scientists, biologists, and experts in clinical trials have warned of the dangers of giving a quick warning, preferring to test the vaccine for several more months to ensure efficacy and potential side effects.

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