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Real Madrid News: The Spanish Football Federation announces the death penalty of Real Madrid in Madrid

Sport 360 – Barcelona has made a solid return for Seville and has won a sixth match in the Camp Nou, in the quarterfinals of the quarterfinals of the round quarter.

At night, the match is similar to Raimantada's match against Saint-Germain in Paris after arriving at the Paris Cup final against the Champions League.

Highlight the most important technical notes of the Camp Nou:

– 3 weapons Barcelona gave the dominance of the Sevilla game. Lionel Messi is the first weapon. Only one goal was reached, but Philip Coutinho's record was placed behind the penalty and Roberto Roberto gave his fourth goal. It is very difficult, but it is almost impossible for Messi to be the best and willing to play, this afternoon in the Argentinian Cup matches.

The second weapon is between the Camp Nou stadium and Barcelona fans. The last Rimantada also happened at the fortress of the Catalan group, this is no coincidence. Baraka keeps track of her home and fans in order to activate data and succeed.

The third and last weapon was the goalkeeper with very different in the season. Panis was a turning point at the time when Celisin was penalized for the conversation in Barcelona, ​​but of course, it was almost a turning point that was lost in the second half.

– Jordi Alba is not tired and tired to achieve goals. The V and Sixth goals of Barcelona made Suarez and Messi. A player does not matter to any Albugroana player except Messi.

– What will happen to the Rakitich goal of the game Artur Milo? Artist and legacy for the Xavi Hernandez Camistro Center for the Barça.

– Coutinho's goal can be a turning point in Barcelona's career after some unusual performances, but Valverde and the public are persuaded to persuade the effort and effort.

– It's very interesting that Roberto got in the games of Remontad, and it is not the goal, but the goal is goal. The Park of Barcelona, ​​due to Park Park, was the goal of the day, although Suarez and Messi were not the fifth and sixth goals.

– Piqué .. Piqué .. Piqué !! … An exciting spell and penalty kick could not be carried out without Siles. The minor title that threatens the crown of the trio of Barcelona or, at least, the Champions League is the main goal of the season.