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"Remix" remembers the classic remix of our club, the classic Asmahan


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Published: April 18, 2019, Thursday, 13:13 | Last update: Thursday, 18 April

Origin of Lebanon, Nadina, a new Canadian singer will be presented to audiences under "After You".

The new version of Syrian singer Asmahan's singer-songwriter "1940" is a redistribution of the song "Ya Habibi Taala Al Hokni".

A new song, our club is also a producer, DJ Ayman Naguib and soire producer.

More recently, Nadia Ramadan Mohammad's poet, composer Pino and collaborator Hadi Massara worked on the latest songs "Shwa and Hateq".

Nadina is pleased that the song is a mix between Egyptian dialect and Egyptian.

The signature of Pino and the distribution of Hadi Masra, composed by the singer Ramadan Mohamed, the song "Chuaa Wahetak", and Nadina's songs and songs.

We know the story of the song in our lives in the face of others, which makes us into the others. Life is a time of difficulty and failure. We feel tired and tense, so we have to move a bit away from the bad balance of our lives and from the harsh lessons of life.

Obviously, Nadina earned a reputation through the famous "Vola, Vola" song, in 1986 she sang the 6-year-old Zecchino d & # 8;

Following the expansion of the song and after seeing Nadina's success, our club's journey was full of challenges and difficulties and started to sing again. That's why our club retreated through the new song "Shwe and Htag" and explained the difficulties it found in technical travel. .

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