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See the world's fastest 10 cars in 2019 and discover its advantages

We live in a fast paced world, so we are not working on the fastest car in the world, that is, we will reach the areas that are reaching the dream before arriving.

One of the 10 fastest cars in the world in 2019, according to a statistically quick look at the fastest cars, we can take a trip to drive a crazy experience, according to the Mzms newspaper.


10 – Leakan Vener sports supercar, 245 kilometers per hour

WT Motors is one of the first Lebanese-based sports car manufacturers in Lebanon, and has been operating for several years to launch this product and was announced in 2013.

Key Specifications:

4.0-liter turbocharged engine

Maximum power: 900 CV

Maximum speed: 246 mph

Performance time: between 0 and 60 mph for 2.7 seconds

Weight: 2646 kg


9. Salin S7 Twin Turbine, 248 mph Salin S7 has many potential functions: Salin Automotive Inc. It is a product that is the first type of vehicle owner of Salin and is the first American medium.

Car Main Specifications:

Maximum power: 750 HP

Maximum speed: 248 mph

Performance time: 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds

Carbon fiber LCD screens and head wheels are released quickly


8. Tesla Rod Star, 250 mph.

Tesla Road Star is an electric car manufacturer at the Tesla Road Star.

The second generation of Rodstar is a distinguishing model of fast cars that run between 0 and 60 mph at 1.9 seconds.

Car Main Specifications:

Commercial vehicle Semi-truck Maximum speed: 250 mph

Performance time: from 0 to 60 mph from 1.9 seconds

District: 620 kilometers

The cost of the Tesla SpaceX package is $ 250,000


7-Kunejseg Regerra, a limited edition of 255-hour reggae kyungezig, published in the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015.

In a limited edition, hybrid cars produced 80 units and all of them sold $ 1.9 million.

Car Main Specifications:

5.0 liter turbocharged engine

Maximum power: 1500 CV

Maximum speed: 255 mph

Performance time: 0 and 62 mph 2.7 seconds

Weight: 3510 kg

9KW Battery Hydraulic Battery Pump System


6-Hour Aero, 257 mph. Wind tunnel surveys have had quite a good results in terms of the Tiemit Aero model.

The electrically operated model has butterfly doors. Like Enzo Ferrar, carbon and titanium fibers are used throughout the car, they are much more than maintaining a balanced weight, long replacement motors, and previous versions.

Car Main Specifications:

Two-way turbocharger V8

Maximum power: 1287 CV

Maximum speed: 256 mph

Performance time: 0 and 62 mph 2.7 seconds

Weight: 2800 kg. Butterfly doors


5-Paghetti Veron Super Sport, 268 kilometers per hour

Verion Supercar World was named the fastest second-generation automaker in the world with Guiness Book of Records, with a high speed of 268 mph, and the wheels are protected before being dismantled.

Verion Pagete has developed some standards in automotive production. This very limited edition is decorated with orange wheels, orange special colors and carbon body.

Car Main Specifications:

W16 engine with a turbocharger

Maximum power: 1200 CV

Maximum speed: 268 mph

Weight: 4044 kg

Orange wheels and orange colors, especially carbon body paint


4-Hennessy Feynum GT, 270 miles per hour.

Hennessy Feynum GT 270 mph Speed ​​Release Kennedy Space Center (Florida) United States space shuttle was shown in orbit.

The model still got access to the Guinness Book of Genesis, where the vehicle must have an average speed of 270 kilometers per hour, in two directions.

Car Main Specifications:

7.0 liter engine with a V8 turbocharger

Maximum power: 1451 CV

Maximum couple: 1155 kg

Maximum speed: 270 mph

Performance time: 0 and 62 mph 14.51 seconds

Weight: 2743 kg. Medium

Acceleration time: 13.63 seconds


3-Paget Sheron, 271 miles away, announced the release of the new version of Cheron Lego in June 2018 as well as the speed of Pajit Sherun Verion Super Sport, and changes in world car lovers will be faster. Bugatti's stunning company.

Car Main Specifications:

W16 unit

8.0 liter capacity

Maximum power: 1500 CV

Cost: 2.6 million dollars

Maximum speed: 271 mph

Weight: 4400 kg body of body. Painting


2-Konigseg RS, 278 kilometers per hour You can say about this car until the company has jumped at the maximum speed of the car, until reaching a maximum speed of 284.3 kilometers per hour.

Car Main Specifications:

5.0-liter turbocharged V8 engine

Maximum power: 1160 CV

Maximum speed: 278 mph

Performance time: 0 and 249 mph 36.44 seconds

Weight: 3075 kg. Illuminated lighting


1-Hennessy Fayonum, cut 301 miles per hour:

Car Main Specifications:

Double turbocharged V8 engine

7.4 liter capacity

Maximum power: 1600 HP

Maximum moment: 1300 ft. 4400 rpm

Maximum speed: 301 mph

Performance time: 0 and 60 mph 2,0 seconds

Weight: 2950 kg

Carbon fiber body paint

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