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The camera continues to demand Ramos in Classico

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It was a "Blaugrana" win Real Madrid Under half of three clear goals Spanish Cup FinalFifth consecutive fifth to ensure the title.

The camera screamed Branches After praying to his colleagues Louis Sawyers He punished the third goal of the Catalans giant, and then the defender of the veterans said "Let's not let them get 6 goals."

According to the newspaper, "Marca", Lucas Blancos replied to the captain's request for a loss of the king's team due to a new disaster after losing five laurels of the Barcelona league competition.

It was a confusing victory at that time led by the Spanish team, Giulien Lobetigi, and Argentina's appointment Santiago Solari His place.


The Blaugrana defeated Real Madrid in a 3-0 victory over the second half of King's Cup's fifth consecutive fifth consecutive final.

When the cameras shouted at Ramos's cries and cried out to his friends, Luis Sawyer scored a goal for the third goal of a giant Catalan. "Let's not get six goals," said veterans.

According to "Brand", Allos Blancos responded to the leader's request, as the Real team prevented a new loss of disaster after losing five goals in Barcelona against the opponent.

He was stunned by Spanish coach Guellin Lobetigi and Argentinian Santiago Solla.

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