Monday , June 5 2023

The common resistance goes to Hodeidah from the western harbor and controls its management at the Faculty of Medicine


The Yemeni resistance forces led by the Yemeni brigades successfully penetrated the maritime route to the western harbor of the city and the strategic port of Hodeidah who went to Hodeidah University and headed to the Medical College. The Arab Coalition confirmed that yesterday's quality operation Al -Houth's coup for ballistic missiles and drones, as well as supporting parts of these systems.

In a detail, a military source said the Yemeni forces shared control over the Faculty of Medicine and came to the western walls of the Hodeida University on the western "Corniche Line" of the city in the midst of fierce fighting with the Hodei terrorist organizations.

Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, a spokesman for the National Resistance who, in a brief press release from the late president's brother, Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, said that the release of Hodeidah was launched by the Yemeni joint resistance.

He added, "the task of the bishops of the common resistance is to liberate the city of Hodeidah."

A military source said earlier that fierce fighting continued to head to the most important military positions of the deceased Ali Abdullah Saleh, the Hodeidah University, and sees the main seaport.

He pointed out that direct battles with Apache helicopters continue after the cities Kil 10 and Kilo 16, when militias burn incense smoke and smoke tanks to prevent vision after more than 23 attacks on Houthis barracks, The fall of dozens of militia between the dead and wounded.

Local residents living in the city's current district leadership that the militia Houthi increased the non-discriminatory decomposition of the city center.

The militia, in its neighborhood on July 7, near the hospital of 22 May and east of al-Rabsa neighborhood, deployed heavy artillery to try to prevent the crew from eastern and south-western parts of the city.

The coalition plane has launched more than 30 air strikes in the Kilo 16 area of ​​the Arc de Triomphe in the south-east of Hodeidah.

The attacks, according to sources, were killed and wounded in the rebel ranks.

On the other hand, a civilian was killed and four other people were injured, including two children, due to the collapse of shellfish fired by Houthis, in the south of the Tahitian Directorate in the southern Hodeidah province.

Local and medical sources said that the huts were shot down by a Houthis in a residential area, killed a man and wounded his brother, and two other sisters were injured in another family.

On-site sources confirmed that more than 30,000 armed forces at the Hodeidah border were able to control the area around Hodeidah University and the coastal road leading to its western gate in a collapse and retreat that was in a row of militia fighting in various directions. Resistance and the Arab Alliance.

In his word, the Commander of Joint Forces of Yemen's Legitimation Alliance yesterday announced the destruction of ballistic missiles and drones at Dili Air Sana's airport.

A spokesman for the Arab coalition forces, Colonel Turki al-Maliki, stated that the Sanaa air base was the target of legitimate military targets.

He explained that "the operation involved the destruction of ballistic missiles and ground control stations for the launch and storage of unmanned aerials, as well as sites supporting the Dalymi air base and puppet traps and assembly workshops."

Maliki said that "the targeting process came after an accurate intelligence operation to follow Iran's loyal Houthi terrorist militia to destroy and neutralize capabilities that threaten regional and international security."

Colonel Al-Maliki said "continuing the work of Sanaa International Airport for the movement and relief of United Nations air traffic vehicles after taking preventive measures in the process of targeting."

He added that "the targeting process was implemented in accordance with international humanitarian law and customary rules and the commitment rules for the leadership of the coalition's joint forces".

Following the killing of four rocket launchers and Iranian Houthi militias in Saada's northern province, the coalition's support for legitimacy will be on Thursday.

Military sources have discovered that the four dead Hassan Abdullah Rasa, Saleh Shati and Ali Hassan al-Ajri and two pirates.

The raid introduced leaders in the Dahyan district of Saada, the main strength of the Yemeni rebel militias.

Saada, along with other Yemen territories, including Sanaa, is still under the control of rebel militias who turned against the Yemeni legitimacy four years ago.

In Saada, the Yemen armies in the Maran province, west of the Saada province, seize the Houthi militia fortress in battle battles in which the army is moving fast.

According to the command of Brigadier General Abdul Karim al-Sudai, commander of the third brigade Araba, the militaries of Maran Huthi completely besieged, after the intervention of the army, in all directions and in many directions.

He explained that there was only one supply chain for the militias after the army guided over six strategic lines militias used to reinforce the frontal elements as the most important main line.

Brigadier General Al-Saadi denied that the leader of the Houthi militia could flee from the Maran area claiming he was still trapped.

He also stressed that the militias are trying to retrieve hundreds of elements for the release of any of the areas liberated by the army, but all the failures in the last two days where all the militias were eliminated in this experiment.

The commander of the third brigade praised the role of the Arabs and tribes and leaders of the Saada, pointing out that the heroes of the army are morale high and are fully prepared to implement the policies of political and military leadership.

At Al-Jawf, the army continued its progress in the Mantoun and Bartan al-Anan districts after having launched surprise operations in militia positions on this front, especially the Matun Fronton, which resulted in the recent struggle between the army and the militia near the government component of the Board.

In order to ensure the legitimacy of the prevention of the smuggling of the nine million Saudi riyal in the capital of the militia in the capital, the security forces were arrested and sent to the competent authorities to investigate with the smuggling of Houthi elements.

In Al Bayda, the army has regained numerous positions in the strategic mountain ranges of al-Bilajah mortar brigade.

According to territorial sources, the army's warriors liberated the mountains of Tirean and senior citizens, the monastery and the Bahasa people in the field of a scandal in a mine. The sources said the army had launched a major attack on areas that were restored and directed by coup militia. The sources confirmed that the forces of the National Army continue to move to the Aala junction in the field of scandal. At the same time, the army of the National Army placed the position of the Houthi militias behind El Bayad, Mafraq and Aala.

According to sources, the Houthi militias suffered dozens of deaths and injuries among warriors.

In the meantime, the air warriors of the Arab Alliance have targeted many attacks, and militias have been on the road to reinforcing the lines of warriors.

The raids also resulted in the destruction of the entire militia, including the BMB vehicle and numerous combat personnel, along with the death of batteries.

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