Friday , February 3 2023

The conflicts in Russia and Ukraine have an impact on the European League by Arsenal


The European Football Confederation (UEFA), Arsenal and Ursula Poltava and Kiev match between Ukraine, have been transferred on Thursday to the European League for safety reasons.

After settling martial law in certain parts of Ukraine, the European Union decided to transfer it after Russia's and Ukraine's tension, following the three shipyards of the Crimean coast.

500 London fans will travel to Kievera 350km from Poltava.

The distance between two cities is three hours and a half long, a long distance and lightweight train, far from London to Ukraine.

The Olympic Stadium will hold a meeting on Thursday with the aim of gaining 18 matches with Arsenal.

Arsenal suffers from Kieven due to the cold weather, where the country is experiencing a severe snow storm.

German midfielder Massoud Ozil may take part after losing 2-1 at the start, losing the Bournemouth League match.

Arsenal maintains the next challenge of the team E and wins at the top of the team.

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