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Union Newspaper – Phones – New – Foldable – In – Barcelona – But – Prohibited – Touch –


Economic development

    Reduction of the public due to the price rise

Reduction of the public due to the price rise


Flexible and resilient designs this week dominated the mobile phone market, enabling new designers to drive monotony, hardware similarity and sales into revitalization.
But clicking on Huawei MetX X mobile phone with a folding screen or touch was surprised at World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.
The first phone company of the Chinese company was the joy of not being cheerful when the company revealed a high price of 2,299 euros ($ 2,600) despite the fact that the phone supports fifth generation services.
The price of the new phone has surpassed the Samsung Galaxy FULL, it was opened last week and starts in $ 1980 when it sells for sale in markets in April. The Samsung phone screened in Barcelona in a box similar to exhibits.
Even though the two companies still do not have their phones yet, 2019 will be the year of folding telephony, said Ben Wood, the CS Insight research director, that the new design was still born.
"But in a primitive device with flexible displays, after the excellent resemblance of the phones we have seen in the last decade, the experience phase is very new." Samsung has adopted an opposing view of its antenna to folding the screen inside its device when the device is folded to provide a smaller screen.
"This was the best solution to extend the life of the device," said Mark Newton, Samsung's European mobile phone manager and business strategy. Smartphone manufacturers are persuaded by consumers to update their phones, which are best suited to their needs, in an attempt to revive their sales.
Although more vendors will soon be joining a mobile phone cake, 2019 will be the most important year, said Canales Market Research. "These phones will be particularly luxurious devices, and they are expected to be less than 2 million devices worldwide this year," he said. The mobile phone market has fallen by 1.2% in 2016, but the 1.6 percent of 2019 expects next, and in the United States, Western Europe, China, the United States and Western Europe, alternate cycles accept Gartner's researcher.

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