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Virtual world … & # 39; Free tourism & # 39;

The global virtual reality market is expected to increase $ 7.9 million last year to $ 44.7 billion, by 2024, according to US research experts.

"Many people go to websites with 360-degree views of their properties," says Mike Crocker, engineer at Travelport Technology.

The demand for virtual travel techniques is increasing, as nursing homes use it as quickly as possible for older people, for reasons of physical or mental disabilities.

Technology has proven that users have wonderful insights to change their bitter reality.

Flight preparation

Companies, restaurants and travel companies, in recent years, facilitate functional virtualization of people who plan their travel destinations and experiences.

EasyJet, a mobile application allows users to control the size of mobile phones for mobile phones.

With this application, travelers can see if they are inside the mobile bag to know if it enters the default box.

Dutch Airlines (KLM) has created a passenger application to be waiting at the airport, interacting with live characters and viewing views of different landscapes using the mobile phone camera and Facebook.

The VR experiments are attracted to many users, although their experimental phase still compares the virtual reality of gambling experiences, for example.

Virtual adventure

"Today, I think it's a problem because there is little quality because people see the quality of the game industry and things like that," says a specialized engineer.

Last November, Virtual Reality Observations (KLM), in the end of November, under the title "Last Purpose" is based on the episodes that make virtual adventures swim with Hawaii sharks.

All desktop computers or smart phones can view 360-degree videos and those with virtual reality goggles have a pleasant experience, depending on the program's designers.

"Taste" Default!

At the same time, restaurants have benefited from traditional virtual reality applications for dining habits for traditional food.

Kabaq offers an emerging technology company to boost their listings for restaurants. The company offers restaurants with 3D images of different menus to enter your smartphone with your smartphone.

Other restaurants offer "multidisciplinary" experiences, such as the Sublimotion restaurant, which has an updated 360 degree application so you can watch your meals in a virtual way.

Although Sublimotion is one of the most expensive restaurants in the world, the cost of lunch is more than $ 1,500 per person, but this new method of marketing has attracted new "prey" for food lovers, say the observers.

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