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What do the intelligence agencies want from Arab countries?

Mashaal Abba al-Wadha: What do you want the mental intelligence organization in Arab countries?

Meshaal Aba Al Wadah Al Harbi

Since 2011, Qatar's intelligence has activated in various Arab countries, and the destruction of Arab countries and their chaos has been very important, and at least it has been planned. Intelligence agents have become movements of demonstrations and terrorist groups and have been trained in some of these groups. After the assassination of Gaddafi in Libya, and not to reveal the secrets of the attacks of Egyptian jail, Mohammed Hosni Mubarak, the former president of Egypt, and the role of President Hamdin. More than once, Masri Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, but all their attempts failed, so they did not find an alternative to using an alternative plan, but rumors and lies to overcome the Egyptian regime.

The intelligence on Hamdine worked in the Tunisian territory during the reign of the Renaissance, and was forced into Egypt, under the auspices of Mohamed Morsi, who were robbed of important Egyptian documents and brought to Qatar, and related to Qatar's Qur'an leaders with isolated Morsi and the Qatar Brotherhood. Arab revolutions continue, the second wave forecast is that Sudan and Algeria and Qatar intelligence are still actively involved in the Libyan territory and they are helping the Tripoli terrorists and transferring dangerous leaders of Libya with Doha and Turkish leaders. Harbin before Egypt.

In those days, Qatar has official Sudanese and Algerian intelligences, as people and the transitional government, the Algerians or the Sudanese transitional military council postpone any conversation, but they push more tensions and prevent the parties and the masses from breaking off, helping to prevent and prevent the victims and blood. Or just to calm the role of the Arabian, not only that, but the anti-Egyptian embassies were played against Sudan demonstrations to analyze the situation in Cairo, Egypt, Africa, as the president of the African Congress, Sudan and Libya.

Al-Hamdeen underlined that the Arab world continues to be unstable situations and issues its intelligence services out of bounds. So, in international forums, there must be Arab action in the international agreements to stop the intelligence services of Al-Hamdeen, and al-Hamdeen will warn warn al-Hamdeen organizations. Another act, even military, has become a threat to the national security organization of Hamde, and has become the biggest proof of this relationship with Iran and Turkey, in order to control Hamdine's ability to control Arab-Arab countries and steal their wealth.

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