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What is the main media Rana Isidi, the fifth defender of the "Khaled Youssef" clips?

Egyptian security authorities have been attacked by journalist journalist Rana Howeidi at the Cairo International Airport, as well as video games, as well as Egyptian director and parliamentary Khaled Yousef.

When Isidake wanted to flee to Egypt, he was arrested and taken away by the prosecution of Isidake, but they were capable of securing security forces and having large amounts of money.

Next, Rana Howeidi, fifth defendant of sex videos, is described after Mona Farou and Shema Al-Hajj detainees and Mona Ghadhban and dancer Camelia arrested.


Tunisian is a congenital Egyptian television series. Born in Kairore in 1993, he studied at the Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences at the University of October for Modernization and Scientific Literature. He studied directing, play and cinematographic arts.

She was the "youngest" Arab media in the Arab world and achieved the ethics of British media media.

His media works

In 2014 Al-Ghad moved to Al-Arabi channel Al-Ghad Al-Arabi channel, presenting 2014 news bulletins and "New Day" programs. After that, MBC went to Egypt in 2017, today Al Ghad is working on the presentation of the television news bulletin.

His artistic career

He worked as a media student by Rana Isidik, Salah Saif, Kamal Abdel Aziz, Hani Lashin and Ramsis Marzou, one of the leading filmmakers. He received a diploma in the cinematographic industry and presented several programs in Arabic channels. He also participated in several pieces of work and directed the film "throughout life".

Social networks

Rana Isidi is very interested in social networking networks, the fastest public media and her closest tools, and sometimes political views. He attacked Twitter in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan in several countries, saying: "Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sexual Harassment, Rape and Circumvention is the most widespread country," before engaging in moral problems.

It should be noted that in the case of "sex video", Khaled Youssef was admitted that he was married to the director and parliament, but he has not officially paid office since February, and has not yet returned to Kairora.

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