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& # 39; & # 39; This is very profitable, "Mikhalkov commented on the allegations of homosexuality


Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov cited gay rumors.

That's why in an interview with journalist Yuri Dudiu, he talks about how homosexuals are treated (To see the video, go to the bottom of the page).

"Hear, this is very profitable. I'm not gay. It's all good. Once you've confirmed that a novel has been made, the novel is here." Well, you are gay. "" What is his novel, what are you doing? "It's wonderful, it's very comfortable. I do not totally resist. I will not be able to kick anyone," he said.

Mikhalkov also said he had never had sexual attraction in men. In addition, the director commented that the homophobic is considered in the background of its statements.

"I do not like it, it's not natural for me, and why should I love them?" – He told Dudyu to send him this conversation and his children.

Mikhalkov answered me how his granddaughter had come and said he was gay, the director replied that he would not do anything.

"I do not respond, and that's why I do not need to re-charge it. I will continue to communicate. I do not speak of criminal code and not about massacre. I am not close to myself. I do not legalize marriage at the same sex, it can be confused. If they live that person and if it is fit for God, and if I try to implant myself, I'm against it, "added Mikhalkov.

OBOZREVATEL said the director talked about Doubaren's conversation with Vladimir Putin's close relationship with the Russian president, and how the Russian boss is different.

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