Sunday , February 5 2023

Admiralty Shipyards, a previous version of the icebreaker fire :: Society :: RBC


A spokesman for the Admiralty Shipyards, in a conversation with RBC, called a pre-engine firefighter under the name of Viktor Chernomyrdin. According to him, the fire broke out in the icebreaker's boiler room when the security engineer breaches when executing the work of contracting staff.

"At this time the fire extinguishes, the ignition was no more than 100 square meters." The wounded contract worker, a handwritten hospital, created a commission to clarify the circumstances of the company, "said a press secretary, RBC.

Earlier, the Russian Emergency Ministry said in a press service in St. Petersburg that one of the radicals had two firefighters, one of them denied hospitalization. The fire of the ship was made on the afternoon of November 27, after fires, the cables and equipment and plates were burned in the technical facilities of the third and fourth ships of ashes. 110 people and 24 units of equipment participated after fire.

Viktor Chernomyrdin's icebreaker construction started in October 2012. When the deadlines were delayed, the Ministry of Transport explained that the reason for the delay was the deviations of the demands made in the design of the icebreaker. According to Viktor Olersky, Minister of Transport, the ship should be ordered by the end of 2018; In 2019 ice tests will be carried out.

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