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Alexandria – Dynamo – 2: 1 Alexandria's Head Opinion by Vladimir Sharan


Vladimir Sharan: "In the first half of Dynamo, we risked"

Former coach of "Alexandria" People in Kiev have a great victory

Vladimir Sharan. Photo

Vladimir Sharan. Photo

Former coach of "Alexandria" People in Kiev have a great victory

speakerphone Victory of "Dynamo" victory XVI In the cup match The Ukrainian Championship has become one of the most important trainers in the district of Vladimir Sharan region of Kropivnitsk. After the match, after the second team of "Alexandria", the winning mentors answered questions to journalists.

"We made everything planned by the player. In the first half, we released them with Baboglo and Grechish in the right position. In the first half of the match, we had problems, especially on the right side, he played well for Mikolen, where they moved.

But our physical training, which has been running for many years, this winter foundation and continued in the Bulgarian training campaign in the summer, has shown that the team is playing with Dynamo.

He was greeted, pressurized, with mutual consensus, and created many points before he scored. We should pay homage to all players that gave the game their highest possible obligations. The victory is historical and very important for us.

Last year, Shakhtar and Atzo Dynamo have won the victory. After these victories, I want to get more work to achieve it.

You want to thank the club staff: it's not so easy to prepare the area right now. Weather can cause the game. "

"Alexandria" – commented on the "Dynamo" and "Game" comment Aleksandr Khatskevich, the main coach of Kiev, told about the fatigue of the Dynamo players after the national teams' matches, the forced permutations and Denis Boy's confidence.

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