Monday , June 21 2021

Ani Lorak and Sergey Lazarev bombed collective photographs

Fans are sure that they celebrate celebrities rather than friendship.

After the scandal linked to the betrayal of the spouse of Ani Lora, the singer immediately began to give the novel features to other men. Obviously, Sergey Lazarev, who has been a friend of Lorraine for many years, was a strangest opponent. Of course, celebrities have not denied their love, but fans will be sure later or later.

The reason behind Lorak and Lazarev's talk about relationships was a series of photos, each of which was published on his Instagram page. However, in the comments on the photos, Ani confirmed that he and Sergey are friends:

"Friendship is not saying in the show business, and I say, I keep my promise, at your request – a photo of my dear friend,"

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Photo: Instagram

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