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At the concert Nastya Kamensky sprayed in a Kharkov gas tank – Glamor


He began to panic and crush on a crowded gas

During the Kharkov concert Nastya Kamensky, whose song One of the most respected list of worlds hitAn unknown gas spray in the crowd.

Eyewitnesses reports on the "XC" page on Facebook, writes the local Vgorode edition.

The incident occurred at the "Karavan" Kharkov trade and entertainment center on Sunday, November 25.

"Today," Caravan "in Nastya Kamensky's speech, an unknown person ripped off a gasoline for the people. Many people had eyes open and breathing difficulties. The judge scattered and had a great impact on children.

Also, the scene of the incident has posted a video on the web.

"At present, in Caravan, Nastya Kamensky's performance, the poison began to emit a gas and started out of the mass-produced outlet, which was hardly felt by those who did not feel throat or nose, and began to work very quickly. Thousands of people They were in the room where they were harmed in their health, "- wrote the author of the video Insagram, written by Dr. Yevgeny Shapovalov.

"And Nastya has a great respect – she continued to sing, as if nothing had happened. A professional!" He added the fan of the singer.

Remember recently luxurious with Nastya Kamensky Potap It was a prestigious Las Vegas award.

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