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Audi and Airbus had taxis of the autochthonous robot

Prototype was on scale 1: 4 (video)

German automobiles Audi, Airbus and Italdesign presented a "lower version of the future vision" on Tuesday: an unmanned driver who is going to go to an electric car and continue his journey. But already in the air. TechCrunch has reported.

The companies demonstrated the concept of a "Dronnaya Week" flight taxi in Amsterdam.

Let's clear: what the companies showed was the prototype work. And it's not enough to use a person. Pop.Up prototype Next 1: 4 was on the scale.

However, companies showed a vision of the future, of which only ten years came.

"Flying taxis are on the way. We're sure of this," said Dr. Bernd Martens, Audi's board of directors, IT and IT, and Audi Italdesign, Audi's subsidiary. "More and more people are going to the cities, and more and more people will become mobile for automation, in the future, they want to use the driver's drivers, children and people, to use comfortable taxi-robots, to properly distribute traffic between roads and air space people and citizens can have the same size ".

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