Friday , June 18 2021

Bentley entered the convertible Continental GT: photo

Bentley entered the convertible Continental GT.


Bentley showed convertible

Previously, the model was only part of the coupon's change. The car roof folds in 19 seconds.

Bentley changed the Continental GT dome as a converter. Main features of the car, similar to that of the previous one. Motivation Reports1.

Bentley Continental GT convertible coupon debut after one year. The Tweed roof can be folded up or upright in 19 seconds, if it is not more than 48 km per hour. The cabin helped reduce noise levels.

The body of a folding tile body was a percentage more violent, and the car was slightly lighter.

The convertible received a 6-liter W12 gasoline engine and an 8-speed box. At 100 km / h, the car accelerates 3.7 seconds, which is slower than coupe than 0.1 seconds.

The cost of the novelty is not yet known. But experts suggest that the price will be above the $ 225,000 base.

Earlier in Georgia, he was seen by Bentley Stalin. As a result, British TV anchor Jeremy Clarkson is shooting his show Batumi and Gori.

On the eve of the new Porsche 911 appeared on an official photo.

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