Thursday , January 21 2021

BlockFi Cryptographic Deposits reduces service to three for smaller investors

Specializing in asset management and loans, BlockFi reduced its deposit rates to more than 25 BTC or 500 ETH in its blog.

The company presented its BlockFi Interest Interest Interest (BIA) bid for March 6.2% year-on-year. Initially, it was a uniform rate, but later analysts at the company concluded that the 75% of user services ranged from BTC to 150 ETH, that is, the average customer balance of blocks is $ 7,000.

The company has decided to maintain a 6.2% interest rate based on Cryptocutaneous Assets accounts, ranging from 25 BTC and 500 BTC. However, for the amount of these limits, from 1 April onwards, 2% of the year will be established.

"Consider your CTB 25.5 CTB. Then 25 BTC will have a 6.2% rate and the remaining 0.5 BTC% 2", – Representatives of BlockFi have explained.

Additionally, since April, the company has presented the commission commission to withdraw funds – 0.0025 BTC / 0.0015 ETH.

According to CoinDesk, since the release of the beta version in January, the services have attracted more than $ 35 million worth of kriptodeposite.

Earlier, BlockFin extracted investments from well-known market players such as Coinbase, Galaxy Digital and Fidelity.

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