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Bratishkinoff talked about his income in the news


Vladimir bratishkinoff Bratishkin talked about his streaming career. In an interview with Kommersant magazine, Ogonyo stated in a magazine that it all started with the purchase of a 70 thousand euro computer, and now the Russian earns hundreds of thousands thanks to donations, sponsors and advertisements on Twitch.

Bratishkinoff says I started my streaming career with a cup of tea spilled on the processor:

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Vladimir bratishkinoff Bratishkin
Vladimir bratishkinoff Bratishkin:

“One day the cup went into the computer and the processor poured tea. I told my mother, “I need a new computer urgently. I’m going to be a streamer.” “What is this?”. “It’s when you’re broadcasting live.” The mother invested 70 thousand in a new computer, and that’s when the first growth began. I belong to a simple family, my mother is a sales manager, my father fixes cars. We lived in an apartment with seven people plus two cats, as you understand, there is little chance of getting a paid education and starting a business. ”

Bratishkin admitted that at the beginning of his streaming career he was not interested in money:

Vladimir bratishkinoff Bratishkin
Vladimir bratishkinoff Bratishkin:

“I started playing because I was antisocial, people made me angry, I didn’t even think about money. Over time, I realized that people need me, it’s important to find a social circle that is close to you. It was “wonderful” before I saw 100 people, friends recommended me to connect with the donation. Now 15-18 thousand people see me every day. I broadcast 3 hours seven days a week.

Streaming brings bratishkinoff hundreds of thousands of rubles a month. As the content author acknowledges, he spends mainly on channel development and other projects:

Vladimir bratishkinoff Bratishkin
Vladimir bratishkinoff Bratishkin:

“Streamer’s earnings are made up of paid subscriptions to the channel and pre-broadcast revenue ($ 2,000) plus donations (donations from those who see me) to between $ 300,000 and $ 1.5 million a month in grants and money. And advertising The brands come with different offers, sometimes 500 thousand rubles a week. “

Bratishkinoff is one of the most popular Russian-speaking streamers in the Twitch segment. Its broadcast is regularly watched by more than 10,000 people and follows its channels by 1.35 million people.

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