Monday , January 25 2021

Crimean Bridge: In Russia, it was worthless

In Russia, the Crimean Bridge allowed the lower price of Crimea to be unacceptable – the food costs continue to grow in the occupied peninsula.

Pavne Gribov, a member of the Department of Economic Security of RANEPA, confirmed The expert acknowledges that the opening of the Crimean bridge freeway is not a problem.

According to Krymstat, 8.8% of mainland products in the year rose. Sugars (28%), eggs (21%) and meat and poultry prices (15%) have increased most.

At the same time, the most significant rise in prices was made in June, one month after the opening of the Crimean bridge. Another six months after the launch of the Crimea Bridge. January January.

Experts now expect the inauguration of the Crimea bridge section to stabilize Crimean prices.

Krymsky Bridge was useless

Krymsky Bridge was useless

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OBOZREVATEL has reportedly been annoyed by the people of Crimea about the invasion of the Kerch bridge. They complained about inspections.

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