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CSKA did not win again the Champions League and the LE Playoffs. It's a doubtful truth – UEFA Champions League 2018-2019 – Football


This year, the fourth quarter of the CSKA champions quarter was 9 years old. Fifteenth Honda's goal, the slutsky's roundwalk and Ramon Sanchez Pizhuang's silent despair. After flogging in Seville, Inter became a bonus in two rounds, which was not wicked: the euphoria of innocent achievements in Russia's football was drowned. This landmark was not a point of inflection for the country, but its small representative, unexpectedly raising the box at the top.

Since then, the European army hopes to jump over the euro, but if there was a high currency rate, the red and blue fall immediately. It's just a decade, CSKA has twice ranked at least somewhere after the Champions League: in the 2011/12 season, 1/8 fell to Real Madrid, and in the past, he won the Europa League. In many conflicts, the success of belief is alive, but it's just a painful way of life: using luxury is much easier.

CSKA won Sevilla (2: 1) and reached the quarter to quarter final of the 2009/10 Championship

CSKA won Sevilla (2: 1) and reached the quarter to quarter final of the 2009/10 ChampionshipGetty images

From CSKA to 2018, the third of the group is the ceiling of the ceiling. The team does not have enough resources and experience to make the bite more spectacular, even though it is time to present a lot of edible dishes. "Real", "Roma" and even the "Last" sample of "Victoria" is also suitable for vegans diets: muscles and spinal top shells visited the stomachs and were cleaned in tiniest groups of their championships. But in that situation they did not pass the CSKA.

It's funny when both games played in red and blue cause the desire to tilt the drivers and toes. In the matches against "Victoria" and "Real", there were four points in total coincidence, those that did not have the talent of the coaches of Goncharen, the only understanding of Akinfeev's genius. It's called lucky The team showed the character that played 0: 2 in the Czech Republic, or under Madrid attacks, but after an idealization of the situation and authors, nonsense.

The excellent match against Rome is the true strength and capacity of the CSKA when the magic expires. At the same time, in the Akinfeev-Pomazonte gate, five goals and Romans did not have more than a dozen Roman approaches to romanticism, it is much easier to guess at random than it is obvious.

When Luzhnic's tragedy happened, he also acted as the most real director, but at the same time became the summit of justice and summed up the logical result of the 2018/19 army campaign. Counting yourself and your third forces – the red and blue ritual is unknown.

He did not win the Moscow victory, CSKA did not draw in the Czech Republic, but left. In addition to joining Moskukov in Madrid, the positive results will not be 100% reliable, the Europa League or anything else. Red and blue are not only to be thought again, but also in that luck.

CSKA – Victoria Plzen (1: 2)

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