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Due to the upcoming martial arts, the dollar is growing – what will happen to the hryvnia

Introduction to legal framework in 10 regions of Ukraine It adds an additional pressure on the exchange rate – the official rate green has already exceeded 28 hryvnia. However, it will not be a deep devaluation of the national currency. Such forecasts were from banks of the islands.

"If they are not economic and political contributions, those who have an unjust and balanced exchange rate of the National Bank will soon be in the region of 28 UAH / USD." – "Credit Dnepr" announced the Oleg Kurinnoy bank treasury director.

Martial law enforcement may create temporary imbalance in currency demand and demand. The mood of the cash market causes a "spiral self-coding". But the regulator controls the market at the same time, and if necessary, the currency will be sold to avoid sharp changes in the exchange rate.

Vladislav Kravets, Chairman of the Board of the RVS Bank, also warned: The National Bank does not enter the banking market with the dollar sales, and the price may fall 29 UAH / USD. At the same time, on November 27, in the middle Dollar growth over 28 hryvnia in the interbank market NBU announced auctions for foreign exchange sales.

"There will be no devaluation: the average annual rate will not exceed 29.3 UAH / USD. After lifting the martial law, the hryvnia will be strengthened," he said. – He plays Kravets.

The President of the Board of Aybox Bank, Galina Heilok, believes that putting into practice the martial law will be increasing in volume.

"But NBU is a sufficient amount of resources and reserves, the hryvnia exchange rate is a sharp devaluation. It's hard to see the hryvnia exchange rate reach 30 UAH / USD by the end of this year." – Haylo said.


That is why the Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Piraeus, Sergey Naumov, is supposed to be strengthened a few days later.

"We are seeing weakening the hryvnia for the pressure of the population. There is no serious economic downturn to decline. Panic, especially in the areas where the martial law is being implemented, is going downhill. Some days before we live in an unstable cash flow. du ", According to Banker.

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