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Dump or not, that's the question –

January 30, 2019

Max Lubin

I asked the news about the device to present at Nubia MWC 2019 in Barcelona.

There is no secret today that the crisis of ideas in the field of smartphone construction is a crisis. Many devices have become similar to each other and, in fact, have no special design or features. All or most of the minus are the same: a black rectangle on the screen almost entirely on the front surface.

In this sense, we can see more and more often that the faces were bluer in the sky and the grass is greener, unlike today. To confirm these words, articles are full of nostalgia for the design and factors behind the past.

These articles, in general, contain notes of nostalgic old lovers. At one point, I agree, I think that at this moment there is a crisis of ideas. However, it seems that there is not so much crisis until the next step has taken place, and that is why it will change the principle of interaction with personal personal devices and a transition to a new quality. The same thing happened before the first iPhone, because it changed the principle of interaction with the phone.

Before thinking about releasing the iPhone, he thought that thoughts could not "take away the button + screen" from the circulatory wheel, even though there were many attempts to do so. Nowadays, due to development, there are limits to a "candy bar" on the skin-cover screen.

However, until the next leap happens, now I want to speculate that this "breakthrough" is possible.


These are the two main ideas developed in recent years
flexible screens, while allowing you to resize your device
from a mobile tablet and vice versa, even without a mechanical device
controls and any openings of homes.

Which future trends will follow?

Flexible display

The idea of ​​flexible display manufacturers is not the first year, and a lot has been mentioned in this area.


The first one, in addition to the words, which confirmed its intentions, Samsung repeatedly cited the creation of a smartphone that fills the CES 2019 exhibit.

In addition to plans and prototypes, we must enter the first commercial devices into the market with cross-screens, whose pioneer was the Galaxy Note Edge, which was a curved edge. Then, other models have curved-up screens.


Recently, the Chinese Xiaomi company has not left behind its Korean competitors, it presents a vision of a folded device and explains its only way.

Nor did anyone, but the President of Lin Bin, demonstrated that a prototype of a Weibo mobile device demonstrated a prototype of a mobile phone, whose screen is not folded, divided into three parts, two of which are folded, a small tablet turned into a dense phone.


Because Huawei is not behind its counterparts and Huawei company, from leaps and bounds.

Again, like Xiaomi, the main news was not anyone, but the head

Richard Yuk made an official statement at the exhibition
MWC 2019 this February in Huawei
It will show its own phone with a flexible screen. In addition to flexible display,
Eighth generation (5G) network supports proprietary modem
Balong 5000.

It does not look like what it looks like, and other features of the device. Most likely, the flexible screen manufacturer of this smartphone will also be a member of Huawei, a member of the BOE. The hope of the exhibition is only left and based on insulin.


In addition to living companies.
According to the planned plans, they decided to incorporate them into the flexible screens
I hope this.

Intel has long sought to win a place in the mobile electronics market, patented a folding phone running on Windows. The appearance of the device looks very little information and resources are rendered as rendering
Based on patent LetsGoDigital.

Have you noticed the similarity of the Xiaomi concept first? It is also a tablet that can bend in two places, it becomes a compact device.

However, it is possible to see the Xiaomi gadget in the case
Although it's on sale, Intel has no patent going there.

However, there is a need to talk about this patent
Interest in this topic
consumer electronics

Monolithic case

When the appearance of physical controls and holes appeared, recently appeared and became a more important measure, which could be significant.

The need for these experiments is doubtful, not only to satisfy the needs that are not at this time, but because the buttons and connectors traditionally work with traditional solutions, they are very popular and convenient.

Yes, on the one hand, as there is no open house, the manufacturers will be easier and cheaper, for example, to guarantee the low-end devices. But what's up with that user? After all, it is not necessary to have a passionate scientist, predict access to the manufacturer's and seller's pocket-saver money, and no reason to reduce the cost of the gadget to the last buyer.

However, nowadays, in the field of creating experiments
They are monolithic in many companies.


Maybe we should start with HTC and U11 models with sensitive pressure edges. It was one of the first steps of this type of management.

Google received similar Pixel 2 faces.


And then the subject suddenly got its shape in development
All the concepts that the connector types give up completely and


The first was Meizu's suffering from the company, which introduced the concept of Zero sound.

It's not clear what the name suggestion is. We say "Zero" zero buttons, not zero sales. But the main thing in this smartphone is not the same concept, but it's NFC! ?

And if it's not a joke, then it's pottery among all the features of the smartphone
In case, wireless charging, fingerprint scanner under the screen, piezo-dynamics,
It transmits the sounds on the glass screen, as well as the eSIM, which is currently accepted
The Russian operator has not implemented it.


Alongside Meizu, when Vivo presented the Apex 2019 model, it has been extracted from stems and physical buttons.

Unlike Meizu Zero,
in vivo
Apex body is not ceramic but glass. In the rest
More or less features.


Motorola, now part of Lenovo, did not abandon its technical design and know-how anymore.

As usual, Moto is on its way. At this time it is only a patent, but the patent is valid, although the buttons and connectors do not refuse, Motorola will make a single phone that does not respond to unaffiliated contact responses, because the entire surface of the device will be a fingerprint scanner .

Whether this device will see the light, it will tell time, but the idea is interesting.

Third choice

But first and second paths are merely a development of a type of device, and in fact they do not change the principle of conventional electronic interaction, but they only develop.

The device concept looks a lot like interesting.
Nubia announced earlier – nubia-α.

The device is a review of the wearable portable device and the flexible display of the aforementioned technology.

The idea is not new (although it is a patent-only mobile phone that is bracelet, it's still a real Nokia) it was remotely similar, it was now possible.

Nubia-α is a bracelet with a flexible enough screen that gathers around the arm. With this design, the screen area is sufficient for your device to interact more comfortably and remove the wristband and extend the screen so you can use your wristband as classic as your mobile phone.

Device supply problem is open, or
In a simple way, what kind of battery will be and how far the device is far away

Despite the controversial nature of the form factor, this path
The development is, in my opinion, the most promising, since in this case the device is not
In your pocket, the bracelets become useful in the body and are completely different
comfort level and type of interaction. It is possible to have several types at the end
the devices will be paralleled, as one complement today
smartphones and smart watches to change future roles.

As an option, after all, we will do a review, but we will match the idea of ​​the modular device, where the main computing unit can be used independently and in different peripherals, with large screens, cameras, projection modules, etc. d.

As the most obvious anti-media player of this computer center, it is a bracelet, a compact and powerful battery, a durable, flexible display and a wireless, universal interface that allows you to interact with anonymous technology.

In addition to pure technical features, a bracelet will be a mere device, an identifying identity and a payment tool and a multimedia center.

I would like to hear about this topic, dear
reader We invite you to comment on the discussion, let's take it
let's fantasize

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