Saturday , January 23 2021

Euro exchange rates announced a significant rise in America

On January 14, the European currency market was sold at 1,1451-1,1482 / € market, and in the afternoon it was $ 1,1462 / €, analyst and information center analyst Vladislav Antonov, Alpari said.

"The weakening of the industrial production of the euro zone undermined the eurobull position and boosted the British pound, with a 1.7% decrease in the index and a 3.3% fall in November, which will prevent the ECB from increasing the ECB's rate of decline in the US stock indices. They pressed out dangerous assets, which is why the yen and the franchises reinforced the US currency, "he said.

Euro 20 years old: he won and he lost only one currency

And he immediately remembered that he is not investing in a currency in the United States. The 10-year US bond yield decreases from 0.72% to 2.68%.

"The growth in profitability is the dollar, the decline is allowed – reducing pressure. Technically, the euro leaves nothing at a level of $ 1,1495 / yr," Antonov said.

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