Thursday , March 23 2023

Experts have named video cards compared to PlayStation 5 –


Experts began to do some sort of research by looking at the graphic settings of the title prepared for the PlayStation 5. Because the PlayStation 5 game has dynamic resolution, a minimum value of 1440p was used in the tests performed on the computer. On the console, the resolution can be changed from 1440 to 1728.

To keep the image quality of your computer close to the PlayStation 5, experts have chosen a number of graphical settings. In particular, high quality particles, water, low depth of field, high quality of character interpretation, very high detail of the environment and ultra high quality of shadows.

As a result, NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super and RTX 3060 Ti were named video cards comparable to the PlayStation 5. At the same time, the authors recorded performance deviations related to the peculiarities of the AMD RDNA2 architecture.

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