Sunday , December 5 2021

Fans love it: Kate Middleton changed her hair and recorded a video message


A new video has appeared on the official Instagram account of Kensington Palace, and the 38-year-old Duchess of Cambridge thanks viewers for participating in the Hold Still photo project.

This large-scale photography project was organized by Kate Middleton to give everyone an “opportunity to share their stories and experiences about isolation” through memorable shots. The online exhibition featured more than 31,000 portraits, vivid photographs of health workers. The exhibition was a huge success: more than five million people viewed it on the National Portrait Gallery website, reported.

It was great to see these portraits on country posters and street posters as part of the exhibition. For me, the biggest strength of the project is how many people and communities have come together and how important we are to each other. Thank you so much for participating in Hold Still and sharing your stories across the country– Kate said in a video message.

In the video, Middleton Zara was shown wearing a scarlet and cream top blazer from the Democratic brand. With the same jacket, he appeared at the 2012 London Olympics.

Fans love it: Kate Middleton changed her hairstyle and recorded a video message

Fans also drew attention when Kate Middleton changed her image. The Duchess of Cambridge lightened her hair slightly, using the “brond” technique (mixing tones (brown + blonde) with a complex multi-colored and highlighting technology). This made her hair look great and her face fresh.

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