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Fitch predicted the price of Brent from 2019 onwards. From the IFX

© Reuters. Fitche Brent increased the price forecast until 2019

Fitch Solutions has made a division of an international classification agency for the second time in the month, referring to the oil price in the coming year, highlighting the "deterioration of the basic forecasts", largely offsetting the Iranian positions in the US. "

Now, North Sea oil is expected to cost the average cost of $ 75 per USD to $ 81, and it costs more than $ 81, as expected at the beginning of November, when the forecast dropped to $ 82.

According to forecasts, $ 69 USD 69 was wrong on the barrel.

As previously reported, the US authorities made an exception to eight countries, including India and Japan, allowing Iran to buy oil.

"Our opinion on the offer and demand has not undergone radical changes, but it is expected that there will be more fuel in the world on the market," said Fitche.

On Tuesday morning, the barrel traded at $ 60,20 for the future oil of Brent, WTI – $ 51,30 barrel.

According to the FGE advisory firm, to support the market, OPEC + countries must decide to reduce their total production by 1.3 million barrels per day (b / s). At the same time, the poster does not need to report production cuts, but rather to make this convincing, the head of the company Fereidun Fesharaki believes.

If this is not done, Brent can make $ 50 with a WTI – $ 40 box. The operation options are calculated by FGE experts at 50%.

analysts Societe generale (PA 🙂 are convinced that at a meeting in Vienna, on December 6, OPEC + will decide to reduce oil production by 1 billion b / d or more. "This will be necessary in order to save excess fuel in the market in 2019 and maintain prices for prices ranging from 70 to 80 million euros per barrel," said the bank in a statement.

According to Societe Generale, Brent will have a $ 71 curve in the first quarter of 2019 and the price will drop to $ 70 in the second quarter. In general, over the next few months, the contract will range from $ 65 to $ 82.50 to the barrel, analysts say.

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