Wednesday , December 8 2021

Harley-Davidson will market four $ 3,399 electric bike models


It was reported last month that Harley-Davidson’s electric bike division has become a separate brand called the Serial 1 Cycle. Now the manufacturer has unveiled more details about the first four models, which will go on sale next spring in Germany and the US.

We are talking about city bikes with pedals, and their design has a central engine and battery. Buyers can choose from Mosh / Cty, Rush / Cty, Rush / Cty Step-Thru and Rush / Cty Speed ​​models, ranging from $ 3399 to $ 4999.

The developers have equipped the bikes with a 250W engine that can accelerate to 32 km / h (except for Rush / Cty Speed, which is able to go faster). The Brose engine offers four power levels, while the Enviolo Automatiq automatic transmission offers a smoother ride.

Each model will feature integrated front and rear lighting, a lithium-ion battery inside the frame and a maintenance-free Gates carbon belt transmission. It is not the first time that belt transmission has been used instead of chain transmission, but there are still few models to implement this technology.

The most convenient Mosh / Cty has a 529 Wh battery in design, ranging from 56-168 km. Because the design includes pedals, the distance traveled without charging can vary greatly depending on whether or not they are used when driving. The design features two piston disc brakes with calipers for the front and rear wheels. The model is basic, so it doesn’t allow you to change the speed. This bike is the lightest in the series, weighing approximately 22 kg. You can become the owner of Mosh / Cty for $ 3399.

The Rush / Cty has a 706 Wh rechargeable battery that can do 56-185 km without charging. The design uses the Enviolo Automatiq transmission. It is used to automatically shift gears based on travel, cadence, and ground rhythm. The developers have valued Rush / Cty, which weighs 26.7 kg, at $ 4449.

The Rush / Cty Step-Thru has a 529 Wh battery in design, enough for 48-144 km. The peculiarity of this bike is not only its reduced energy consumption, but also the presence of a shared glove with a volume of 620 cm³. The bike weighs 27kg and costs $ 4,399 to buy.

The most advanced option is Rush / Cty Speed. This model is capable of accelerating to 45 km / h, and the 706 Wh battery offers a range of 40-185 km. The bike weighs 26.7kg, and you have to pay $ 4999 to own it.

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