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He was nominated as Prime Minister of Gritsen for the victory – new 2019 elections

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Anatoly Gritsen presidential candidate said that he will have important positions in his presidency.

Gritsenko said the mayor of Lviv wants to see the Prime Minister / Photo:

Gritsenko said the mayor of Lvov wanted to see that he was the prime minister / Photo: "New Time"

Anatoly Gritsen presidential candidate nominated for the 2019 election as leader of the government. Prime Minister Andrei Sadovy will be.

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About this, Gritsenko stated on his Facebook page. "I often wondered who would like to touch the prime minister as president of Ukraine, which is Andrei Ivanovich Sadovy," said the candidate.

"I am sure that this person will do a decent job. Now, at a national level, he knows the housewife, the social area, knows what hurt people. We will not get a conflict between the presidential and non-governmental verticals." – he added.

Earlier, Gritsen said that if Ukraine won the presidential election, the foreign minister, Svetlana Zalishchuk, would be headed by Ivan Aparshin, who was head of the National Bank of Alexander Savchenko, Viktor Trepa would become an SBU. It would be the Lord of Sakvarelidze.

As UNIAN said earlier, March 1, Andrei Sadovy refused to participate in the presidential elections in Anatoly Gritsen.

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