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He won a strong victory against Vorskla Chornomorets – football

Vitaly Kosovsky won five games after finishing the match, winning a long-awaited victory (2: 1).

Chernomorets - Vorskla, photo FC Chernomorets

Chernomorets – Vorskla, photo FC Chernomorets
April 27, 2019, 15:55

In the first UPL match of 26, Odessa Chernomorets took Poltava Vorskla. "Mariners" did not miss in the previous two games and their series was defeated without victories. At the start Angela Chervenkova immediately began the attack and took a second minute – Vilhamsson made his debut in the lead, Norenkov sent the ball in the wrong direction. Then the hosts did not stop when they got there and they continued to attack, while their opponents were only in defensive action.

Odessans won many penalties and corners, after threatening Tkachenko's goal, Koval got the most realistic option and made himself head for Baben, but Tkachenko's team threw the ball. Babenko also managed to send a direct blow to the post, but Ruslan could not throw the ball on the wall.

In the second half of the first semester, Poltava citizens sensed and seized the initiative, they spent some time in other areas of the area and earned standard positions, Chesnakov threatened to blow and Vladimire was in a state. After Sharpard's descent, he touched and afterwards he fluttered over the crossbar. Before the break, Vitaly Kosovsky's soldiers could not score, rest and lose the score.

In the second half of the meeting he started slowly, Chernomorets received a number of medical help at the same time, so the game's rhythm was low, but after recovering all the injured, Vorskla was attacked and, nevertheless, caught. In the 57th minute, the "sailors" escaped the counterattack after drawing the next standard position. Musolitin increased the penalty and increased the child's shot. Koval could come close to the ball and could close the game, but he was not very successful. Tkachenko's ball hit the ball without difficulty.

After the defeat of the hosts, Poltava's neighbors moved forward, in order to recover parity, they started to pose dangerous moments, but the guests could not score. Kozhukhar made a direct free kick and returned to the corner of the ball, and later Kolomoyets did not make two killings, and first of all, he did not hit the ball, and then he did not leave the goal but next to them. Shortly after, Petrovich was very close to the goal, after breaking his head slightly, but Kozhukhar is also trusted this time and pulling the ball.

Kosovo guards did not abandon their efforts and still achieved the goal. The 83-year-old referee received a penalty from Blackjack and then Vasin sold them with cold blood. The lost goals woke up "sailors", when they moved on again and after Morozenko's departure from Pavlov, he hit Tekken's Yevgeny's strike.

The stoppage in time has made Chernomorets unsuccessful, losing a strange goal. Gabel has increased the penalty area out. After that, the ball was thrown into the Kozhukharara and entered into goal. 1: 2. While it was before the last whistle, Odessans could not do anything on the front, because it had an offensive defeat and the team did not leave the last place and Poltava won the first time for a long time.

In the 27th round, Chernomorets will play Chernihiv Desna and will fight with Vorskla Donetsk Olimpik.

Chernomorets – Vorskla 1: 2
Goals: Vilhamsson, 2 – Vasin, 84 (penalty point), Kozhukhar, 90 + 1 (door)

Chernomorets: Kozhukhar – Trubochkin, Ryzhuk, Grachev, Norenkov – Musolitin, Babenko – Tanchik, Morozenko, Vilhamsson (Pavlov, 77) – Koval (Chorny, 76)

Vorskla: Tkachenko – Sapai, Martynenko, Chesnakov, Kane – Sharpar, Petrovich (Sklyar, 81) – Vasin.Habelok, Baby (Arthur, 88) – Kolomoets (Giorgadze, 86)

Annotations: Grachev – Sapai, Kane

In the minute 58, Koval did not become a penalty (goal keeper).

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