Thursday , February 9 2023

In recent days, the terrorists killed four people and injured six in Donbassen – OOS headquarters – in Ukraine


Russian troopers fired on the minibus day on November 25, 16 times in the positions of the military's Donbass military. In spite of the previously agreed agreement of the ceasefire, the attacks of militants in the position of fighters United Force Operations do not stop Eastern Ukraine is still in full control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On the eve of Terrorism directed against the defenders of Trinity, Lugansk, Travnevy, Sand, Crimson, Krasnogorovka, Novolugansky, Chermalyk, Pavlopol, Water and Lebedinsky. Oil, mortar of 120 and 82 mm (nine times), the Minsk agreements were forbidden to launch a grenade system, large machine guns and small arms.

The 120-mm firefighter mortar covered three times the occupation of the Trinidadian army in Moscow – in the area of ​​Lugansk. Captors, Water, Lugansky, Novolugansky, and Chermalyk strongholds from the United States destroyed smaller mortar mortars.

"The unit's combined units continue to play a better fight, in all cases where the fires of enemy fires are in place, the appropriate measures to safeguard the life and health of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the civilian population," said OOS headquarters.

On November 26 night, gangs did not open fire. According to the Department of Intelligence of the Supreme People's Defense of Ukraine, Donbass after four attacks on invaders, six others were injured.

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Remember, on the eve of the militants nine times open fire positions of Ukrainian military, used infantry weapons and mortars.

On August 22, the members of the Trilateral Relations Group agreed Donbass's unlimited ceasefire from the 29th of August. "School exchange" The war in Eastern Ukraine began at the beginning of the 16th. All of the foregoing were systematically violated by the militants, mostly on the first day.

On April 30, Petro Poroshenko announced the official end of the anti-terrorist operations in eastern Ukraine and at the beginning of Combined Forces Operations. On March 16, the president appointed Sergei Naev as Lieutenant-General under the armed forces.

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