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In Ternopil, a 30-year-old mother was captive her daughter – video – Ukrainian news

The mother of 30 years old kept her daughter captive: how did the woman live (video)

Collage: RBC-Ukraina

Women would stay home today, because her mother did not die.

Violetta Marchukova's mother did not leave her daughter for 30 years away from home. In this way, she wanted to protect her from a "cruel world". This is indicated on the TV Ternopil 1 channel.

At the moment, Violetta is 52 years old and lives in the Petriki region's geriatric house. He feels here and has found new friends.

When she was taken to take the woman, she was very weak and only weighed 23 kilograms. At the same time, he had significant muscle hypertrophy. As the doctor says, he could not lift the spoon.

At the Barnetegi: massages and various procedures were produced.

Video: YouTube / T1 Novini

It must be acknowledged that the woman was hiding in the house until her mother died. The neighbors did not leave her mother for several days, and it seemed strange to her. That's why people called the police.

The law enforcement officers found their mother dead in the kitchen, lying on the chair, and when we went into the room, we saw Violetta.

The neighbors did not even know Violetta with her mother's life. Violetta's father speaks about her mother and her mother died in a car accident, and the woman that lived with her was a family. At the same time, he does not want to return to his home.

Over the past five years he has learned to walk, eat and communicate with other people. And now she started painting her hair and nails.

Remember that a 9-year-old boy was accidentally killed near Ternopil. The doctors could not help.

Earlier it was announced that doctors of Lviv will punish the punishment of killing a minor who died as a result of a bad diagnosis.

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