Wednesday , February 8 2023

In the Dnieper, his mother was hungry for two days, in a room that was not at home


On November 24, midnight, on special line 102, one of the Duneev Duneevsky Street homes has uncontrollable children. Patrol Profit at the specified address. Both boys opened the door – 10 to 5 years old. The police asked their parents. The children responded that the mother was not home and when she was back when she was unknown. The living conditions of the boys were terrible, the house was dirty and there was no heating. Police interviewed neighbors. They had not seen the mother of two days, and the boys were always hungry and begged for the street.

Ask the supervisor to call the mother for the children and ask for a return home. However, a man appeared and said that his mother could not come, because she was working. Police Novokodaksky called the ambulance and staff of youth prevention policies. The doctors were hospitalized at the Hospital Children's Hospital in number 6 – They had a suspicion of possible fever and pneumonia and the other was injured in the arms.

Reflection was notified to the Children's Service Office. Juvenile mother is working on preventive juvenile work. Refusal of parental rights and retrieval of parental responsibility.

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