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In the United Kingdom, the girl picked her nose – the video


The video of the incident occurred in social networks and caused a debate

The spectacle of the girl's behavior frightened the audience. Photo: pixabay

The spectacle of the girl's behavior frightened the audience. Photo: pixabay

Early morning morning, the regular version of The Morning Singer, Adele and Matt Allen, came together. They told them to have their children as independent as possible: not going to school, or even going to bed at any time. In addition, parents decided to vaccinate and not see the doctor, reports The Mirror.

Parents innovative came to the program in 2016. Then her daughter was angry at the audience, directing her in the middle of the studio. The mother of the child said that the shock of the audience was shocked: it was surely something very funny.

This time, the host of the Philip Scofield program has been saying that the kids were "very well", but they were paying attention to the network by choosing a little girl sitting on the couch and her nose.

Netekens stated that they would never play their children in the air.

Recover The show's pop rock pops on the stage failed: there was a video. The British singer Gemma Collins has achieved an unpleasant story at the Best Performance Show. In addition, The output of the television came on directly. American TV presenter Sean Hanniti unexpectedly ignited an electronic cigar in the air and watched all viewers. In fact, the application did not change the current report at the time, and the moderator remained in the frame.

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