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InSight device from Mars by car


InSight device from Mars by car

Mars's second shot at the new spacecraft

NASA space agency InSight spacecraft made it possible to get another picture of Mars Planet Red on landing.

The InSight research agency NASA Space Agency transmitted a photo from Red Planet to Mars over the landing day. Tuesday, November 27, the press service of the American department.

"The storage space in the NASA InSight store, Martian, came on November 26, on the same day as the landing on the planet," NASA said.

According to the Ministry, the image was emitted from the ground through the Odyssey spacecraft, which is now making its Mars orbital flight.

Previously, the NASA space agency InSight research vehicle transmitted the first image from Mars to the planet, but there was not much quality in the dust-covered glass.

Remember, an unmanned aerial vehicle without automatic InSight was released on May 5, and on November 26 it made a successful Mars landing. Within two years, the device will analyze the depth of Red Planet to analyze its internal structure and composition.

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