Friday , July 1 2022

Japanese tabloids are trying to penetrate Chonguk from BTS in a thief – POPCAKE


All the guilty of the restless Japanese media Chonguka (Jungkook) «Euphoria»Originally written by Justin Bieber. The scandal is on the track after the author's eruption Melanie fountain (Melanie Fontana) said the only journalist originally created by management order Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber):

"Yes, indeed," Euphoria "was written in Bieber, but he did not appreciate the track, and finally when I decided to go to the cooperative, I gave it to Chongugku, because I am very happy because I am a Korean pop music," he said. songwriter

However, today, journalists are arguing that they are talking about the alleged illegal use of "Euphoria" by Chonguk and require legal verification before the Bieber rights are sold before the song is written. ARMY is linked to the Japanese BTS harassment scandal after the final pump on the Jiminen t-shirt.

"The scandal is that since officially all the rights are equal to the center of the producers, BTS reports that Ban Shi Hyu himself (Bang Shi Hyuk)" writes among fans.

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