Thursday , January 21 2021

Jasmine explained how luxurious Bentley looks

Jasmin responds to the car's criticism. Many media condemned the gold of the singer Bentley, where he died when Yulia Nachalova died.

In the face of stories accused of luxury, the singer published an Instagram post where he said that calculating the cost of someone else was not the best occupation.

The actress also said that, in fact, she did not receive expensive cars as her husband's gift, but she bought herself one year ago. Previously, he had a famous car; An old woman sold an old car and bought another. At the same time, Jasmin is surprised by the honestly-known singer who has a vast experience with many people who can not afford to pay a car before getting married.

– I'm a big girl. I'm an artist with 20 years of age, do you think my husband had come to Zaporozhe prior to joining it eight years ago? – amazing Russian pop star

Instagram @jasmin

In addition, the singer anticipates the desire of his subscribers to spend their money free, but to help the elderly. As a result, children with low-syndrome support Chisinaun and children who have lost sight in Kurgan. In addition, Jasmin often helps mothers in difficult situations. Actually, the artist does not need to announce his good assets.

– My income and expenses are my conscience, and it is clear, but you should be ashamed to count the money of others and misrepresent the sources of their income, – She shortened the woman.

Earlier, Channel Five talked with more detail about the car that came to the singer Funeral of Julia Nachalova. Bentley's cars cost 33 million rubles.

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