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Kuleba: Ukraine can become a member of NATO without a MAP


Kuleba: Ukraine can become a member of NATO without a MAP

Photo: Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba

The path for Ukraine to become a member of NATO needs to be clearly defined in the direction, tools and timing, the head of the Foreign Ministry said.

Ukraine should not be seen as giving Ukraine a NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP), because Kiev aims to become a member of the Alliance, and this can be achieved without this plan. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba expressed this opinion at an online conference “The Road to the Warsaw Security Forum”. This was announced by Ukrinform on Tuesday, 17 November.

“Ukraine’s position is simple: if MAP is something that will further simplify the path to membership, then Ukraine and Georgia will get it. But if the allies decide that without MAP we can achieve the same result in a certain period of time, then we can discuss it,” Kuleba said.

He stressed that the MAP should not be taken for granted, but that Ukraine’s path towards NATO should be clearly explained in the direction, tools and timing.

“This is very important. Otherwise, we will walk in space, doing something that will not bring us closer to our goal,” the Ukrainian minister summed up.

Earlier, the US ambassador named Ukraine the main problems facing NATO. So, in his view, Ukraine is on its way to NATO, the main problems being Russia’s attack in Donbass and Crimea and internal corruption.

It was also reported that Zelensky sees NATO as an opportunity to save Ukraine. Ukraine’s membership in NATO is necessary to ensure security in the region, the president said.

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