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Launceston. Kostyuk could not make it to quarter-finals

Omajgad, what did Kostyuk do? It's just a shock.

The game is a very bad arsenal, not attacked, the half-way to Marty's transfer has become normal. Although she sent a little Zanevskaya Martha, Martha had just returned from attack. Marti's presentation, although the first one passed, breaks the Zanevskaya initiative and tosses, and Martha goes through the entire width of the court.

Marty's pullout rack pulled out individually, and happiness was Zanevskaya. All players over 100 condescribe it with pleasure and determination.

There is a problem in the network that crashes in situations or a problem, which is why everyone knows. The 10-year-old child's mistakes, when it's in the trick, is clear that the feed does not pass because the ball is behind.

No one, Martha's unique ingredient in the game will not improve the year. On the contrary, they were forced to withdraw and defend their defense – was not the brainchild of Briceka coaches?

Separated – Marti's psychology. Today Martha was very shameful. The shameful words of her mouth, throwing a racket, screaming – a clown of some kind. Bad luck and Marta dissolved.

But Bricko shows "hard pages" with the insatiable signature of Instagra. I wonder what would happen to Bricek's notice? Martian landing?

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