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LeClaire tests on the seventh day

February 28

The sun is there Dry Aire + 8 … 20С, freeway + 10 … 30С

There were no trials in the second round without problems. Valtteri Bottas lost his first day as a substitute for the center, Sebastian Vettel's second car was crashed and the third Red Bull Racing ended.

After lunch, Pierre left an accident. When the road was switched off, the car turned the beam trap and made it an obstacle. During the session, the banner remained red and the French sent to a medical center – a dangerous overload sensor was launched. Shortly afterwards, Pier returned to the pits.

Red Bull Racing broken machine

The team did not have the time to recover the time, so the Extinguished winter test program has started to crash. Tomorrow, Max Verstappen will sit behind the wheel RB15.

The seventh day was a winter test conducted by seven riders, which determined the program. Many imitated qualifications and races after a series of short series, and afternoon, after hot asphalt, we went on a distance.

In Haas, F1 lost more than three hours as a result of a system fault found in a break. The morning session was done by Magnussen, he had to change Grosjean afternoon, but he had a long time to do a mechanic machine. Only two days have allowed seven teammates to take long-term tests for long breaks.

Valtteri Bottas

In Mercedes, the short series of circles were delayed until Friday, both drivers will work again and, nowadays, they will not accelerate speed after the group program has been completed.

In the afternoon, in an interview, Bottas confirmed that Ferrari's new cars are faster and Mercedes and Red Bull Racing are the same. However, a couple of weeks before the beginning of the week, the strength balance will soon become.

Nine teams from twelve teams showed the best winter time test this season, except for all Mercedes.

Charle leclaire

The Ferrari recovered the car after yesterday after his accident, Charles Leclaire was the second.

Monegask finished the tests today, it received a cool set of C5 tire software and showed the best performance of all the winter tests in Barcelona. 1: 16.231 – Barcelona last year was a bit less than a tenth bit worse than the Hamilton pole, but then the tires were used and the conditions were different.

Commenting on the result, Charles said he did not have the limit to attack, so Ferrari could go faster. Tomorrow, Sebastian Vettel will guide SF90.

For the second time, when the carts appeared, an hour before, Lance walked between the ninth and the tenth of the car – it was evacuated and the driver was forced to interrupt the imitation of the race and returned to the pitches. For the third time, the session was suspended when Leclaire stopped at the same place – SF90 released a kume cloud.

Medium-sized teams' results have been very intense. The power of the chassis efficiency was the same in the power of the power plants, and the alignment of the forces would change from the road. Nowadays, "the best of others" has been that Toro Rosso was the first to be Alexander Elbon, but he and Lecler were driving faster than 1:17.

Tomorrow in Barcelona will be the last day of the winter tests.

Tests results for the seventh day

RidergroupstimevillagecirclesTires *
1. S. LeclaireFerrari1: 16.231138C5
2. A. ElbonRed bull1: 16.882.651118C5
3. L.NorrisMcLaren1: 17.084.85384C5
4. P.GasliRed bulls1: 17,091.86065C5
5. Mr. RiccardoRenault1: 17.204.97365C5
6. N. HulkenbergRenault1: 17.4961,26573C5
7. L.StrollRacing point1: 17.5561,325103C5
8. A. JovinazziAlfa romeo1: 17,6391,40871C5
9. R.GrozanHaas1: 17.8541.62316C4
10. L. HamiltonMercedes1: 18.0971,86685C2
11. D. RussellWilliams1: 18.1301,899140C5
12. K.MagnussenHaas1: 18,1991,96853C3
13. V. BottasMercedes1: 18.8622,63197C3

* It indicates the composition of the rubber, because the riders were over the lap. C1 hardest and C5 hardest. PR – Unchecked the prototype of the new Pirelli tires.

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