Sunday , June 13 2021

LG has patented a patented 16-camera phone

LG has recorded a corporate company: a smartphone is getting into a camera with 16 sensors.

Given the patented image, the cameras are located in a curved substrate, writes TeleArena.

The presentation of Patent and Trademark Agencies (USPTO) was presented by LG as a new patent, and LetsGoDigital has found its 16 lens main camera, with focal length and different features. And even if it seems excessive, the patent shows exciting things that get so much of a camera.

In particular, with a touch, you can get 16 frames with all the lenses, and then choose the best one. You can get an open wide angle with beautiful scenery, as well as good focal points.

An interesting approach is to improve the perception of other phone depth significantly, focusing on how to get a more detailed mid-depth field or focus after firing. Patents also distinguish between different types of images and the types of manipulation that other users can perform.

Additionally, depending on the patents, there is a mirror under the camera, and possibly the novelty can be applied to cars.

LG is known to experiment with new vision for mobile phones, the broad-angle lens with the company's signature feature. Therefore, it would be logical for LG to add more of his own camera to experiment with his phone.

In addition, the market has a portable camera and has 16 lenses. Light is L16 and you can get 52 megapixel images. Of course, this camera is not as compact as your smartphone, but the mobile phone industry has long learned how to scale technical solutions.

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